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a nationwide company with a proven track-record in delivering high quality disability consulting services around buildings, facilities and services



our involvement in disability consulting over 25 years has given us a bedrock of expertise having completed in excess of 2000 disability access audits.



we are experts in the field of disability, bringing fresh simplicity to the complexity of disability legislation and good practice implementation.



our outstanding track-record of delivery and stellar performance for public organisations and private sector companies enables us to provide proven expertise and experience that is pragmatic and smart, resulting in positive outcomes.

Paul Mouzer - Owner

Paul Mouzer - Owner

As a premier national disability expert and consultant, Paul Mouzer has formidable knowledge, expertise, pragmatism and wisdom around disability and equality.

He has 30 years’ disability experience and expertise as an energetic and passionate person who prides himself on being an excellent performer and communicator, influencing and delivering to a very high standard.

Blue Mouse Disability commenced april 1999 and within two years established itself as an award winning national consulting business.

Born deaf, and then later acquiring visual impairment, Paul is able to offer disability expertise and wisdom from both the business and public sector perspective, allied to the wide experience he has accumulated delivering consultancy services to the public, private and voluntary sectors.

He is pragmatic and balanced when delivering quality consultancy, allied to adopting a business-minded and commonsense approach, resulting in positive actions and solutions that are sustainable and yield real returns.

Paul’s breadth of experience and specialist expertise in inspecting and assessing the interface of disability across the organisational functionality of people, learning, buildings, services, information & communication, provides his clients with a snapshot and current status of disability-specific performance and legal compliance.

He has worked with government ministers and other leading edge influencers and over the years has made significant contribution within the disability business arena, such as the disabiity discrimination act (now the equality act), access for all, access to work, welfare to work and innumerable disability specific initiatives and programmes.

In recognition of his contribution to making a difference in the disability business arena, Paul was honoured to be invited to become one of only 15 associates for the world renowned business disability forum (formerly the employers forum on disability) in november 2001.

As a public speaker, Paul’s witty and challenging talks and presentations enables him to bond with his audience and leaves them wanting more - he simplifies disability, quite simply he gives you confidence and inspiration.

Paul has achieved a reputation for reducing the complex to simple, he makes people connect and engage with disability and equality thus empowering them to play their part, no matter how small, towards making society a place where disabled young people and adults can be valued and have equality of access and opportunity.

What We Do

disability access management

  • disability access audits
  • disability access statements
  • disability access performance reviews
  • mystery customer surveys

disability-specific learning & development

  • disability confident: in the workplace
  • disability confident: customer service
  • disability confident: accessible buildings & facilities
  • disability confident: making adjustments for staff

disability-specific intervention

  • in-work assessments: making adjustments for staff
  • in-work assessments: performance & progression
  • mediation: staff dispute resolution
  • mediation: customer dispute resolution

disability-specific consultancy

  • public speaker
  • service review & analysis
  • policy design & into practice
  • quality-assurance




disability access:
ensuring buildings-facilities-services
do not inconvenience people

a comprehensive and low cost disability access risk assessment of your buildings, facilities and services

What Is It?

  • an assessment that enables your properties to stay on top of requirements and ensure compliance year on year

  • it is a comprehensive disability access audit or a disability access statement that incorporates a property risk management review that assesses and identifies your disability-specific risk & compliance in relation to your buildings, facilities and services

  • a pragmatic and balanced review to ensure that people are not inconvenienced (discriminated against) when using your buildings, facilities and services

  • reviews and builds upon an existing disability access audit (if in place)

  • supplements health & safety reviews that are in place.

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Cushman & Wakefield
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